Lila Dale, known by her artistic alias "The Girl with the Film Tattoo," is a recent transplant to Oregon who was captivated by the allure of the camera from a tender age. Beginning with the fundamentals of film photography, Lila's journey has spanned from the traditional darkroom techniques to the expansive realm of digital imagery. A true adept in the art of photography, Lila exhibits a remarkable command over this medium. Her lens captures both the serene beauty of nature and the vibrant energy of events, showcasing a versatility that embodies professional excellence.
As a transgender woman, Lila is deeply committed to fostering inclusivity and transparency in all her interactions with individuals and organizations. Her unwavering dedication to promoting equality and cultivating happiness for all serves as a cornerstone of her creative ethos.
While currently immersed in the study of mechanical engineering, Lila's parallel pursuit of freelance photography speaks volumes about her boundless passion for visual storytelling. At the heart of her photographic vision lies a fascination with power—whether emanating from the forces of nature, the intricate mechanisms of human invention, or the interplay of light and shadow. This fascination finds its expression in her choice of subjects, primarily centered around landscapes and the manipulation of light to evoke poignant emotions.
Lila's artistic experimentation knows no bounds. She revels in pushing the envelope, frequently exploring the artistic potential of expired films and unorthodox development techniques. This daring approach often yields a captivating spectrum of tones, adding depth and uniqueness to her work. Lila's journey began as a self-taught enthusiast, later enriched by formal education in both high school and college. The technical finesse she honed, particularly within the darkroom, stands as a testament to her commitment to craftsmanship.
Her portfolio encompasses a range of experiences, including both paid commissions and voluntary contributions to various events. Her proficiency even culminated in the establishment of her own boutique photography enterprise. Through each venture, Lila Dale, The Girl with the Film Tattoo, continues to redefine the boundaries of photographic artistry, while her authentic commitment to equality and creative expression remains an ever-present guiding light.
With any special moment in your life, you want to be able to cherish that moment forever by capturing it on film, but you shouldn't have to spend your time stuck behind the camera phone. You should be out living your moments through your eyes. Enter the photographer, able to capture life's most important and precious moments for you to be able to live through and share with others over and over. As a photographer I pride myself in be able to help save these moments on film for you, blending into your event with a friendly smile. Feel free to use the contact form below to discuss how I can help you record your next event or precious moment.
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